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Don Carpenter had successfully worked for a major insurance company for over 23 years, but wanted to offer his clients the services and products of more than one company.  He was excited that his sons wanted to join him in the insurance business and he merged with another small agency from 1986 to 1989.   Don and his two sons moved to a new location and started the Carpenter Insurance Agency on November 1st, 1989.  They moved into their present office at 1685 Marquette Avenue in 1998. 

They believe  the best insurance policy is a good agent in whom you can place your trust and confidence.  There is much more to buying (or selling) an insurance policy than price alone.  Although we are thankful for the modern conveniences of the Internet, cell phones, and email, we still believe the best service is "face to face", personal service.  Many people want a 15 minute quote over the phone or Internet with companies that spend hundreds of millions in advertising.  We prefer to sit down, face to face with you, review your needs and find a "first-rate" company that will offer you the protection you need at an affordable price.


Our Location

Carpenter Insurance Agency

Carpenter Insurance Agency

1685 Marquette Avenue
Muskegon, MI 49442
Main office: 231-480-0582
Toll free: 800-783-0865
Fax: 231-773-1696

Our Providers


Thanks to Jeff Hartley at Carpenter Insurance Agency, K U Kandles has the appropriate fundraiser insurance!

KU Kandle
Customer Service at it's best! If an EMT is needed because something has hit the windshield or my car has been destroyed, I know I will get honest answers to all my questions, competent service and fast results.

Carol R.